How to Boost Your Business with SelfSMS and Shakeltable Extension

Businesses must be able to communicate with their customers efficiently and promptly in today's fast-paced world. Although though email marketing has long been a popular strategy for connecting with clients, it isn't always the most successful. Emails don't always get to customers in a timely manner and are frequently ignored or routed to spam bins. In this situation, SMS marketing is useful.

Short, targeted messages can be sent by companies through SMS marketing, which increases the possibility that the message will be received and acted upon. Also, incorporating SMS marketing into your business model is now simpler than ever thanks to the SelfSMS API.

Businesses can quickly and simply create an API key using the SelfSMS API to connect their Shakeltable extension to their SelfSMS account.

This makes it simple to manage leads and send out tailored messages to clients by enabling users to establish SMS campaigns directly from the Shakeltable extension.

Businesses can benefit from the effectiveness of SMS marketing to increase their bottom line by combining the Shakeltable extension and SelfSMS API. These are a few methods in which this potent combination can foster corporate expansion:

High Open Rates: SMS messages are a great way to communicate with customers quickly and effectively since, unlike emails, they are often viewed shortly after being sent.

Greater Engagement: With an average click-through rate of over 19%, SMS communications have a far higher engagement rate than email.

Targeted Messaging: Companies can quickly filter their leads by attitude and other variables with the Shakeltable addon, enabling them to send customized communications to particular client groups.

Cost-Effectiveness: SMS marketing is frequently less expensive than other types of advertising, which makes it a great option for companies on a tight budget.

Simple to Use: The SelfSMS API is created with simplicity in mind, and both assistance and comprehensive documentation are offered to help organizations get up and running right away.

Overall, businesses may benefit from the potential of SMS marketing to expand their operations and attract new clients by utilizing the SelfSMS API in conjunction with the Shakeltable extension. SMS marketing is a potent tool for companies of all sizes because of its high open rates, greater engagement, and personalized content. Why then wait? Start using the Shakeltable extension and SelfSMS API right away to reap the rewards for yourself!