The Ultimate Solution for SMS and WhatsApp Campaigns: ShakelTable


Hey and welcome to our video on ShakelTable, the best way to manage your leads and build effective SMS and WhatsApp campaigns.

ShakelTable is a Chrome extension that makes it simple to manage your leads and deliver messages to them by transforming spreadsheets into lovely tables. ShakelTable's interaction with SeftSMS and MetaSendit, however, sets it distinct from other lead management programs.

It's considerably simpler to develop campaigns using SeftSMS with ShakelTable, schedule messages, and receive high open rates, making this a far superior alternative to email marketing. Moreover, MetaSendit allows you to send WhatsApp messages with videos or images attached, enhancing the engagement of your campaigns.

And that's not the end of it. Using ShakelTable, you can target particular client groups depending on their activity by sending bulk messages that are filtered by customer action.

That's not all, though. ShakelTable also offers robust analytics, enabling you to monitor the results of your marketing initiatives and make data-driven business decisions.

Hence, download ShakelTable right away to start seeing results if you want to advance your lead management and campaign creation.